About Us

Here at Drykkonis we always put the customer first. We believe that you and your business' needs should always be the priority. Our team of specialists will cooperate with whatever you need and figure out what works best with you and your industry's needs.


You can lease or finance new or used equipment with Drykkonis. Whatever you are looking for we will help you to achieve your needs at the lowest price possible.


We have payment options that fit your needs. We work with you to ensure you have the best plan for your budget.


You will be paired with a loan specialist who knows the specifics about your business and will help you with any concern or questions about your payment plan.


Don't lease or finance equipment with just anyone. You want to make sure you're in capable hands, which is what we guarantee here at Drykkonis.

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Drykkonis 3442 Tioga St Dallas, TX 75241